Mountain View Single-family Renovation/Addition

  • YEAR : 2015

This 500sf addition to a 1960’s ranch style, single-family house includes a new master bedroom and remodeled, en suite bathroom.  Taking advantage of a generous front setback, the addition is situated at the front corner of the house opposite the existing two-car garage and wrapped by a cedar, horizontal slat fence to create a private entry court and garden.  The soaring shed roof of the addition rises toward a prominent magnolia tree in the front yard, creating a distinctive yet subtle presence on the street and a loft-like interior.  The exterior walls are carefully punctuated with narrow, floor-to-ceiling windows that reinforce a sense of verticality and allow ample natural light to enter the bedroom while providing a sufficient degree of privacy. A simple palette of blue/grey, integral color plaster, clear, horizontal, tongue-& groove Western Red Cedar siding, and dark grey aluminum windows distinguishes new from old, complementing the character of the original structure.

with Lee Landscape Architect