Civic / Cultural


  • YEAR : 2010

Kaohsiung Maritime Culture and Pop Music Center
This is a competition entry for the Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center. The 11.89 hectare site is a largely derelict wharf prominently located at the mouth of Love River and is comprised of three parcels that encompass a portion of the harbor at the Port of Kaohsiung. The 120,000 square meter program includes large and small performance spaces, an outdoor performance venue, pop music exhibit center, maritime cultural exhibit center, ferry terminal and passenger service center, pop music industry incubation center, music arts and maritime technology commercial area, administration area and support functions. As stated in the brief, the intent of the competition is to “highlight the development of land and port of Kaohsiung and integrate the local features of southern Taiwan in order to create a landmark masterpiece for the city and introduce a new diversified lifestyle of maritime culture and pop music for Kaohsiung citizens”.