Civic / Cultural


  • YEAR : 2009

Huaqiao Wusong Riverfront Master Plan

The project-sponsor, Kunshan Huaqiao Economical Development and Planning Bureau, wanted to create a new waterfront district that supports the area’s bustling economy while creating public amenities and open space. In analyzing the Wusong River’s natural systems, the design team identified the resources and opportunities to support the development objectives while also meeting sustainability goals.  


– Providing synergy between development and water treatment so that it creates people-oriented amenities as well as environmental habitat. The plan calls for an extensive water purification system within the project’s infrastructure that provides for better water quality while creating recreational aspects.

– Maximizing the water edge for use and enjoyment by the community, and integrating numerous layers of experience

– Maintaining building massing that is appropriate to the pedestrian scale, preserve open space and enable the flexibility of phasing the construction schedule.