Civic / Cultural


  • YEAR : 2005

This is an entry for the “New Taiwan by Design” competition for the masterplan of Port of Fugee, a small fishing port located at the northern cape of the Island of Taiwan. This proposal seeks to extend the harmonious life force of the existing village to the new development by integrating buildings, street activities, program uses and landscaping with the existing topography and village scale. A series of descending buildings respond to the sloping contour of the site, affording a maximum view of the bay from each level. The massing of the buildings is kept similar to that of the existing village, while the sculptural quality of the development gives Fugee Port a new recognizable identity. A main street links traffic from the existing arterial road to retail spaces, boating service center, open spaces and existing fish market and seafood restaurants. Parking and street access is arranged and controlled to ensure pedestrian safety and access while avoiding large non-descript parking lots. The design also provides for flexible, temporal use of roof plazas: open event space, outdoor seating, overflow parking, etc.